A Revolution in Personal & Corporate Health!

$37 Billion

Annual Cost of MSK Disorders and Injuries in Canada

11 Million

Canadians affected each year!


Average annual individual cost

Acute Injuries
Workplace Injuries
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Ligament Strains
Chronic Conditions
Surgical Rehabilitation
Pre and Post Natal
Muscle Sprains
Back Pain
Tendonitis & Tendonosis
Rotator Cuff Tears

$61 Billion

The economic burden of mental illness in Canada per year

1 in 2

Canadians will have or had a mental illness by age 40


Mental illness is a leading cause of disability in Canada

500,000 employed Canadians are unable to work every given week due to mental health conditions


Prevent, Treat, Maintain & Retain

Most Competitors Focus on post disabling injury treatment

At MeaVia we Prevent, Treat, Maintain and Retain!

Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

15 Million Canadians Annually

Are Expected to Suffer from MSK Disorders and Injuries by 2031

Through our Physiotherapist designed Assessment Tools, Functional Health Testing, and Intervention Protocols (Fitness Plans), MeaVia is able to identify existing Musculoskeletal issues providing treatment prior to onset of disabling injuries.

Physical and Mental Strength

Reduced Stress, Anxiety, and Isolation along with Increased Mental Health Recovery.

Those who participate in Intervention Protocols (Fitness Plans) are shown to have decreased stress, anxiety, depression and cognitive decline. Additionally they have increased productivity, creativity, mental energy, self esteem, and better sleep.

The Art of Treatment

Live Life Your Way

100% of missed interventions fail

When a MSK injury occurs a successful recovery is in your hands. Choose your path to health with virtual one on one, group or self directed treatment options.

Only 1 in 50

Have the Equipment need

MSK treatment is unique to each individual and issue. Virtual care intervention options available are vastly limited when the patient has no access to weights, bands, bikes, balls, ellipticals, weight benches or a myriad of other equipment. Rest easy MeaVia has you covered!

Maintain Yourself and Everything Maintains Itself Around You

Paul Kantner

$66.4 Billion

Annual cost of Absenteeism and Presenteeism to Canadian Companies

Help keep you and your employees Health, Happy and Present. Unlike any other product in Canada, MeaVia helps care for the body, mind and spirit!

Live Life to the Fullest

Millions Disabled Every Year

With millions of Canadians every year suffering short term or long term disabling musculoskeletal or mental health issues help maintain yourself with early intervention.

67% of Employers

Investing in Non-Traditional Benefits

Employee wellness is driving employers towards investment in: #1 Mental Health, #2 Prevention of illness and/or management of chronic conditions, #3 Physical Fitness.

MeaVia does it all!


Retention is KEY

Stay Competitive

Lead From the Front

In 2021 the majority of Canadian Employers are offering innovative health and wellness benefits to attract and retain their valuable employees.

Tax Free

It’s a Beautiful Thing

MeaVia is a Tax Free benefit to employees and a Tax Write Off to employers. All this regardless of if it is offered to a specific group of employees or simply through a Health Spending Account. See FAQ to learn more!