With MeaVia Go Green, Break Down Barriers, Increase Accessibility and Stay Safe with Access to Local Gyms

What is MeaVia?

MeaVia has revolutionized Health and Fitness by providing Canadians Virtual access to Physiotherapy, from home, work or on the run. In order to achieve success in a Physiotherapy course of treatment a patient often requires equipment such as bands, weights, treadmills, and other equipment they may not possess. MeaVia allows for Accessible, Barrier Busting Physiotherapy by negotiating with local gyms to provide our members access to the needed equipment. All this while maintaining a minimal Green footprint, utilizing the existing gym infrastructure.


World Class Physiotherapy available at home on the run, or just down the street with access to local partnered gyms. Don’t see your gym, just ask.

Barrier Busting

Don’t let barriers stand in your way. Mobility, Language, Culture or anything else, choose the location that best suites your needs.


Buildings generate nearly 40% of global CO2 emissions. By utilizing existing infrastructure we can eliminate an estimated 23,000,000 lbs of carbon every year!

Stay Safe

In addition to your PT/PTA monitored sessions, using local participating gyms for our course of treatment provides for confidence in the equipment used and proper safety mechanisms in place. Need help outside of our scope? Partnered gyms may offer complementary services such as personal training, yoga, and meditation for an additional taxable fee.

Participating Locations

With nearly 200 locations Canada wide GoodLife Fitness maintains a strict corporate standard in all of its facilities. MeaVia members receive included essentials access to all but nine of those locations Canada Wide! Want greater access? Upgrade your access directly through GoodLife Fitness during signup for an additional non tax deductible fee. See FAQ for excluded locations.

What is MeaMonitoring?

MeaVia members can book their spot in a live virtual session and have their MeaVia Physiotherapist designed exercise program monitored by a Physiotherapist(PT) or Physiotherapists Assistant(PTA) who is available to provide guidance and answer program related questions in real time. These sessions virtually mimic your experience at a traditional Physios office once a course of treatment has been recommended but are conveniently accessible 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, with no monthly limit on bookings.

Book Today!

Book your 30min MeaMonitoring sessions at least a week in advance, between Monday and Friday, 10:00am to 2:00pm est.

Live PT or PTA

MeaMonitoring Sessions are monitored in real time by a qualified Physiotherapist or Physiotherapists Assistant. See FAQ to learn more!




From Home, Work, or on the Run!




MeaVia FAQ’s

The following locations are partially covered by the credit provided by GoodLife Fitness through the MeaVia program. Additional fees over and above this credit will be billed directly to the member through GoodLife Fitness and are ineligible for HSA submission or tax preferred treatment. Please seek professional tax advice for any related questions.


Burlington Centre Burlington Ontario
Brampton Kingspoint Plaza Brampton Ontario
Hamilton Upper James and Rymal Hamilton Ontario
Burnaby Northgate Burnaby British Columbia
Victoria Bay Centre Victoria British Columbia
Brampton McLaughlin Corners West Brampton Ontario
Windsor Dougall and Cabana Windsor Ontario
Mississauga Heartland Town Centre Mississauga Ontario
Oakville Place Oakville Ontario

MeaVia provides members with the minimal level of access to participating gyms/fitness facilities required to succeed in their Physiotherapy course of treatment. If a member desires greater access to participating facilities many offer the ability for a member to upgrade access. Any upgrade access fees are outside of the MeaVia membership and payable directly to the participating facilities.

Yes! MeaVia  has been approved by leading Health Spending Account (HSA) providers in Canada. Please verify with your HSA and Tax advisor prior to membership application.

In order to minimize the bi weekly financial impact and maximize accessibility for MeaVia  members, product and services are negotiated with 12 month commitments. Once a new Member applies, they are agreeing to a commitment of a 12 month Membership with MeaVia. Once the first 12 months have passed, the Members Membership automatically renews. See Terms and Conditions for full details.

Following membership signup and payment confirmation, MeaVia members will receive gym access confirmation usually in between 48 and 72 hours. Please feel free to use this time to explore MeaVia resources and review your Physiotherapist designed MSK fitness plan.

Your MeaVia Membership automatically renews every year to ensure your benefits are available when you need them and have not lapsed due to non renewal without your knowledge.

There are no pre-existing condition exclusions for MeaVia

MeaVia is currently only available in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. If you are outside these area and are interested in our services please feel free to let us know!

Providers are a 12 month commitment. Please contact MeaVia Customer Service for potential options.

With the high costs of credit card and banking fees, MeaVia unfortunately needs to pass those expenses onto our members.

MeaMonitoring sessions are available Monday to Friday 10:00am to 2:00pm EST. Sessions are required to be booked a minimum of 7 days in advance and run 30 minutes in length.

During a MeaMonitoring session a Physiotherapist(PT) or Physiotherapist assistant(PTA) will be monitoring the session live for questions from participants. While the PT or PTA will not have access to your specific course of treatment, they are available to answer questions and provide guidance on your form and recommended equipment.

Please ensure to follow your PT recommended course of treatment or PT designed personal exercise program during these sessions. The PT or PTA present at the MeaMonitoring sessions will not be able to provide a diagnosis or treatment plan during the session. If you require a diagnosis or treatment plan, please book a personal live session on your MeaVia portal.