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What is MeaVia?

Live Life Your Way. At MeaVia we believe health and fitness are two sides of the same coin. We are revolutionizing health by offering Canadians access to a level of health and fitness through Physiotherapy that was previously out of reach. All this is accessible from wherever they are!

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Start Your MeaVia Journey With Virtual:

Personalized Physiotherapist Designed Exercise Program

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MeaVia Members Receive Included:

  • Virtual Physiotherapy

  • Personal Physiotherapist designed Exercise Program

  • Unlimited MeaMonitoring Sessions

  • Live Group Therapy

  • Access to one of 200+ local participating GoodLife Fitness locations of your choice

MeaVia Membership Plan starting at $34.99 $31.99*

(GST/HST Free!)

MeaVia Physiotherapy Sessions Include:

Virtual Physiotherapy

All services are provided Virtually using advanced video Telehealth tools to connect with patients in real-time through their computer, tablet or favorite smart device.

Functional Health Testing

Evaluation of your physical and functional abilities, using objective and measurable testing specific to your goals and objectives.

Personalized Exercise Program

Physiotherapist designed personal exercise program designed to optimize your health and reduce your risk of injury. Improve your strength, flexibility, range of motion, balance, and physical function.

Injury Care

On your journey to increased fitness and functionality rest assured we are here with musculoskeletal injury care.


Group Therapy

Achieve your mobility and function goals with the added benefit of the friendship, encouragement and engagement that comes with group sessions.

Work Hardening

Teacher, Painter, Chef, Stay at Home Parent or Firefighter, no matter what you do, receive an individualized and personally structured Work Hardening program.

MeaVia Members Also Receive:


Unlimited Booked Sessions


Let’s face it once you leave a Physio’s office those exercises simply don’t get done. With MeaMonitoring book your spot in a live virtual session and get access to a PT or PTA who is available to provide guidance and answer your questions in real time.

Local Gym Access

100’s of Local Partnered Locations


No Equipment? No Worries! We have partnered with 100’s of local gyms to provide access to MeaVia Members to ensure you have access to the tools needed for success. From weights, bands, treadmills and ellipticals, to rowers, rollers, balance balls, and kettle bells our partnered facilities will ensure your equipment is safe and effective.

MeaVia has been Health Spending Account (HSA) and Flex Spending Account (FSA) Approved! Additionally it may qualify for medical tax credits. Check with your advisor to confirm eligibility.

* Appropriateness of services are assessed by the service provider and can be modified or declined at the sole discretion of the service provider. Each Benefit or Product is governed by specific terms, conditions, policy wordings, and/or exclusions. MeaVia members receive a maximum of 5 Physiotherapy sessions per calendar month.  Please review wording for specific Benefits or Products. Membership premiums are paid Bi Weekly on a 12 month contract and include a one time $100 enrollment fee. Prices subject to applicable taxes and fees. 

For a limited time, MeaVia is offering a discounted bi-weekly membership rate for new members. Upon signup obtain a discounted bi-weekly membership rate of $31.99 instead of the usual $34.99. Bonus: Discount is for an entire 12 month period!
  • This discount is a limited time offer and may be terminated at any time.
  • MeaVia members retain this discount off their membership for 12 consecutive months. At the end of the 12 month discount period, membership premiums will continue with no discount (currently $34.99/bi-weekly membership fee). For more information, go to https://meavia.ca/terms-of-service/.
  • This offer can not be combined with any other offer or Affiliate Code.
  • Currently MeaVia is only offered in the Provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.
  • MeaVia memberships are an annual subscription and automatically renew. Please visit https://meavia.ca/terms-of-service/ for membership details.
  • Any Enrollment Fees, Taxes as well as Processing Fees are over and above the bi-weekly membership fee.